Posted On: Aug 12, 2019

Amazon Managed Blockchain now supports AWS CloudFormation for creating and configuring networks, members, and peer nodes. Managed Blockchain is a fully managed service that makes it easy to create and manage scalable blockchain networks across multiple AWS accounts. CloudFormation allows you to model and provision cloud resources as code in a safe, predictable, and consistent manner. With CloudFormation support for Managed Blockchain, you can create new blockchain networks and define network configurations, create a member and join an existing network, and describe member and network details such as voting policies. You can also create and configure peer nodes for your members in the network.

Using CloudFormation helps to standardize and simplify the provisioning of infrastructure resources in your cloud environment across multiple AWS accounts and regions with just a few clicks. CloudFormation increases efficiency, reduces the potential for manual error, ensures consistent configurations over time, enables configuration compliance, and simplifies troubleshooting.

To learn more about how to use CloudFormation to provision and manage resources for Managed Blockchain, visit here. To learn more about Managed Blockchain, visit here