Posted On: Aug 2, 2019

Amazon QuickSight now allows custom color selection in supported charts types. With this enhancement, you can customize your charts with any color from the spectrum allowing better alignment with corporate or project specific color schemes. Eight most recently used colors are also saved to allow easy customization across assets. To learn more, see here.  

Amazon QuickSight embedded dashboards can now be requested via the GetDashboardEmbedURL call on behalf of Active Directory or QuickSight-only users. This enhancement allows embedded dashboards to be displayed to all users of QuickSight (vs only IAM-federated users supported previously) and simplifies steps involved in displaying an embedded dashboard to an end-user. For more information, see here.  

Lastly, Amazon QuickSight is now available in EU (Frankfurt) and EU (London) regions. New users can sign up for QuickSight with EU (Frankfurt) and EU (London) as their home regions, making SPICE capacity available in region and providing proximity to AWS and on-premises data sources. Existing Amazon QuickSight users can switch to these regions via the region switcher in the User Interface to provision SPICE capacity, and enable faster and cheaper connectivity to data sources in the region. With this launch, QuickSight is now available in US East (N. Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland, Frankfurt and London) and Asia Pacific (Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo) regions.