Posted On: Aug 22, 2019

We are excited to announce the availability of AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store in AWS China (Beijing) Region operated by SINNET, and AWS China (Ningxia) Region operated by NWCD. Parameter Store provides a centralized store to manage your configuration data and passwords. You can reference this information dynamically from your application or from other AWS services.  

With this launch, you can now create a Parameter of type Secure string. A secure string parameter is any sensitive data that needs to be stored and referenced in a secure manner. If you choose the SecureString type when you create a parameter, then Parameter Store uses an AWS Key Management Service (KMS) customer master key (CMK) to encrypt the parameter value.  

This launch also enables you to create Advanced Parameters and enable Higher Throughput from Parameter Settings tab. Advanced parameters enable you to create more than 10,000 parameters, use larger parameter value size (up to 8 KB) and add policies to your parameter. With Higher Throughput enabled, AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store now supports up to 1,000 requests per second. This lets you run applications that require higher concurrent access to a large number of parameters. 

For more information, see our documentation. To learn more about AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, visit our product page.