Posted On: Aug 8, 2019

Natural conversations are dynamic and often cover multiple topics. A user could start off with a request, digress to a related topic, and may eventually return to the original query. Previously, you could manage a dynamic conversation like this only on the server-side using Lambda functions. Today, we’re announcing new Amazon Lex Session APIs to manage a dynamic conversation on the client. You can define the dialog state, slot values, prompt messages, and attributes. With this granular control on the session, you can manage the conversation flow by performing operations such as switching to a different topic or continuing from a previous point in the conversation.

The SDK supports two new APIs, PutSession and GetSession, that can be used to control the flow of the conversation. The PutSession operation enables you to directly change the current session state. The GetSession operation is used to get the state of a previous intent in the chat history. These Amazon Lex APIs are available today in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon) and EU West (Ireland) AWS Regions. For more information and to get started, please see the Amazon Lex documentation