Posted On: Sep 16, 2019

You can now add AWS tags to your Amazon EKS clusters. This makes it easy to control access to the EKS API for managing your clusters.

Previously, tagging was not supported for Amazon EKS clusters. This made it difficult to control access to manage the EKS API for individual clusters and you could not add metadata that indicated the purpose of the cluster for reporting purposes.

Now you can add custom tags to every Amazon EKS cluster. These tags can be used to control access to the EKS API for managing the cluster using IAM.

Tags added to an EKS cluster are specific to the AWS EKS cluster resource, they do not propagate to other AWS resources used by the cluster such as EC2 instances or load balancers. Today, cluster tagging is supported for all new and existing EKS clusters via the AWS API, Console, and SDKs. Support for tagging clusters using CloudFormation and the eksctl command line tool is coming soon.

To learn more, visit the Amazon EKS documentation. To learn more about Amazon EKS, visit our product page.