Posted On: Sep 24, 2019

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis improves availability of auto-failover clusters during all planned operations. You can now scale your cluster, upgrade the Redis engine version and apply patches and maintenance updates while the cluster stays online and continues serving incoming requests. These availability improvements are included along with the latest Redis version 5.0.5. For a full list of improvements in Amazon ElastiCache for Redis 5.0.5

Prior to this release, ElastiCache provided online scaling, upgrades and patching for the Redis Cluster mode. However, the non-Cluster mode operations saw an interruption of a few seconds (associated with DNS updates). With this release, you can upgrade your auto failover enabled Redis clusters, both Cluster mode and non-Cluster mode, to Redis 5.0.5, in an online manner, and benefit from improved availability during scaling, patching and planned maintenance operations. 

The new Redis 5.0.5 and support for online configuration changes for auto-failover enabled clusters is available in all AWS regions. To get started with Amazon ElastiCache, log into the AWS Management Console