Posted On: Oct 16, 2019

Amazon Neptune now supports Streams, an easy way to capture changes in your graph. When enabled, Neptune Streams logs changes to your graph (change-log data) as they happen. Neptune Streams are useful when you want to notify processes (e.g. trigger a lambda) as changes occur in your graph. Streams can also be useful to maintain a current version of your graph in a different region or service such as the Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon ElastiCache, or Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Neptune Streams is available in lab mode in this release. Lab mode allows you to test a feature before they are available in production. Neptune Streams can be enabled or disabled in lab mode using the database cluster parameter neptune_lab_mode. Once enabled, you can access Neptune Streams using the HTTP GET requests to REST APIs /sparql/streams or /gremlin/streams. The response will be a JSON feed of the operations and the changes to the graph.

When Neptune Streams are enabled, you incur I/O and storage charges associated with the change-log data. Change records are purged automatically a week after they are created. You can try out Neptune Streams today. Please refer to the Amazon Neptune User Guide on Streams for more details