Posted On: Oct 2, 2019

We are pleased to announce the general availability for the latest release of AWS Thinkbox Deadline 10.1. Based on customer requests and trends, this release reflects our ongoing investment in performance and scale, providing the ability to scale bigger and faster than ever to complete your projects.

Deadline 10.1 also adds more support for popular content production tools. SideFX Houdini can now be used in AWS Portal in Deadline, which is a set of Deadline features that enables you to more easily extend your on-premises rendering to AWS, and usage based licensing (UBL) for SideFX Houdini Engine is now available on the AWS Thinkbox Marketplace (Mantra support to follow in an upcoming release). Foundry Modo 13 is now supported in Deadline with updated submitter functionality, and there are a number of updates to plugins for your favorite tools including Autodesk Maya, OTOY Octane, Maxon Cinema 4D, Foundry Nuke, ftrack, and many others.

We’ve also made it easier to use Deadline on AWS. While it’s always been the case that when you pay for AWS resources that you use for rendering (EC2 instances, EFS storage, and so forth) you could use Deadline at no charge, it required a few extra steps to get credit. With Deadline 10.1, a new improved billing process provides AWS Thinkbox Deadline customers with a more streamlined experience by removing the upfront payment requirement. Additionally, Deadline can now automatically detect if it is running on AWS and will no longer require any licensing setup of any kind.

Finally, Deadline has now completely removed Mono as a dependency, leveraging .NET core for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. This change allows us to standardize on a single framework, enabling more frequent updates for Deadline with the latest performance and security improvements.

To download the latest version of Deadline, visit the Downloads page. For more details on this release, please see the Deadline 10.1 release notes.