Posted On: Nov 18, 2019

You can now easily provision managed worker nodes for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) clusters and keep them up to date using the Amazon EKS management console, APIs, or CLI.

With Amazon EKS managed node groups you don’t need to separately provision or connect the EC2 instances that provide compute capacity to run your Kubernetes applications. You can create, update, or terminate nodes for your cluster with a single command. Nodes run using the latest EKS-optimized AMIs in your AWS account while node updates and terminations gracefully drain nodes to ensure your applications stay available.

Today, EKS managed node groups are available for new Amazon EKS clusters running Kubernetes version 1.14 with platform version eks.3. You can also update clusters (1.13 or lower) to version 1.14 to take advantage of this feature. Support for existing version 1.14 clusters is coming soon.

To get started, create a new Amazon EKS cluster with Kubernetes version 1.14. You can then create a managed node group using the EKS console, API, AWS CLI, eksctl CLI, Cloudformation, or Terraform.

Learn more about managed node groups on the AWS containers blog and in the EKS documentation.