Posted On: Nov 7, 2019

Amazon QuickSight announced the release of QuickSight Mobile for iOS and Android devices. This release is both a major update to the existing iOS app and a new Android application. The app enables you to securely get insights from your data from anywhere; browse, favorite, and interact with your dashboards; explore your data with drilldowns and filters; stay ahead of the curve via forecasting; get email alerts when unexpected changes happen in your data; and share those insights with colleagues. To download the QuickSight Mobile app, visit the iOS App Store and Google Play. For more details on using QuickSight Mobile, see here.  

Amazon QuickSight now supports joining across different data sources, which allows you to connect to multiple data sources and join data across these sources in QuickSight directly to create data sets used to build dashboards. For example, you can join transactional data in Amazon Redshift that contains customer IDs with Salesforce tables that contain customer profile data to create an interactive dashboard with order and customer details. You can then slice and dice transactional data by various customer dimensional data such as segment, geographic, or demographic without first pulling the data to a single source outside Amazon QuickSight. To learn more about cross data source joins, see here.  

With this launch, you can now use relative date filters to filter by any arbitrary number of periods ahead of the current date period. You can set a constant arbitrary period or dynamically change it using controls on screen. Further, you can set a custom date (anchor date) to filter relatively from this date. To learn more about these relative date enhancements, see here.  

All these features are now available in Enterprise Edition and Standard Editions in all QuickSight regions - US East (N. Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Frankfurt, Ireland and London), and Asia Pacific (Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo)