Posted On: Nov 21, 2019

Amazon CloudWatch ServiceLens is a new feature that enables you to visualize and analyze the health, performance, and availability of your applications in a single place. CloudWatch ServiceLens ties together CloudWatch metrics and logs, as well as traces from AWS X-Ray to give you a complete view of your applications and their dependencies. This enables you to quickly pinpoint performance bottlenecks, isolate root causes of application issues, and determine users impacted.  

CloudWatch ServiceLens enables you to gain visibility into your applications in two main areas: infrastructure monitoring (using metrics and logs to understand the resources supporting your applications) and transaction monitoring (using traces to understand dependencies between your resources). CloudWatch ServiceLens provides a Service Map that visualizes the contextual linking of all your resources, along with an intuitive interface so you can dive deep into correlated monitoring data. 

It’s easy to get started. If you already use AWS X-Ray, you can access CloudWatch ServiceLens on the CloudWatch console by default. If you do not yet use AWS X-Ray, you can get started by enabling AWS X-Ray on your applications using the AWS X-Ray SDK. Amazon CloudWatch ServiceLens is available in all public AWS Regions where AWS-X-Ray is available. ServiceLens is available at no additional charge, but you may incur charges for X-Ray traces as described here and charges on CloudWatch for metrics and logs as described here. To learn more, visit the documentation on Amazon CloudWatch ServiceLens.