Posted On: Nov 25, 2019

Today, Grafana Labs introduced an updated metrics data source for Amazon CloudWatch that comes with several new features. With the latest release of Grafana (version 6.5.0 or later) you can use the updated data source to more efficiently query and visualize CloudWatch metrics.

This release updates the native CloudWatch data source to allow you to contextually (time, selected metric) click through to the CloudWatch console and query a dynamic list of metrics by using wildcards. This can help you monitor metrics for AWS resources, like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances or containers. When new instances get created as part of an auto scaling event, they will automatically appear in the graph without you having to track the new instance IDs. Pre-built dashboards simplify the getting-started experience for monitoring Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), and AWS Lambda resources. Amazon CloudWatch and Grafana Labs plan to continue working together to further improve the customer experience for CloudWatch customers using Grafana.

The updated CloudWatch metrics data source can be used for any AWS Region in which CloudWatch is available. To learn more, see What’s New in Grafana v6.5.