Posted On: Dec 11, 2019

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) now publishes 1-minute metrics to Amazon CloudWatch, providing you more granular monitoring for queue status with continuous visibility into operations of your queues in order to quickly respond to changes in your workloads. Previously, Amazon SQS published metrics to Amazon CloudWatch in 5 minute intervals. 

Customers running scalable applications need to quickly respond to transient spikes whenever their applications scale in and out. For example, Amazon CloudWatch 1-Minute metrics enables customers to set near real-time triggers to scale their Auto Scaling Group (ASG) in response to changing demand from an Amazon SQS queue. Customers can now choose between 1-minute and 5-minute metrics. 

Now you can set up Amazon CloudWatch metrics at 1-minute interval at no additional cost in US East (Ohio), EU (Ireland), EU (Stockholm), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Regions, with support in remaining regions coming soon.  

To learn more about Amazon SQS 1-Minute metrics, visit the Amazon SQS Developer Guide