Posted On: Dec 3, 2019

AWS Transit Gateway now supports routing internet protocol (IP) multicast traffic between attached Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) connections. Multicast delivers a single stream of data to many users simultaneously, and is a preferred protocol to stream multimedia content and subscription data to a group of subscribers. With support for IP multicast, Transit Gateway makes it easy for customers to build multicast applications in the cloud and easily monitor, manage, and scale multicast configurations up to hundreds of receivers.

Previously, customers had to either maintain legacy on-premise networks for multicast applications, or implement complex workarounds to run these workloads in the cloud. With native support for multicast, AWS Transit Gateway enables customers to easily deploy their multicast applications in the cloud and take advantage of the elasticity, scalability, reliability, and other benefits offered by AWS.

Customers can enable multicast while creating new Transit Gateways using the AWS console, CLI or SDK. This feature is available today in the US East (N. Virginia) AWS Region, with support for additional regions coming soon. For additional information, visit the AWS Transit Gateway product page, the documentation, and the frequently asked questions.