Posted On: Jan 21, 2020

Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics is now available in 13 additional regions - US West (Oregon), US West (N. California), EU (Frankfurt), EU (London), EU (Paris), EU (Stockholm), Canada (Central), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), and South America (Sao Paulo). Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics enables you to create canaries to monitor your endpoints and APIs. 

Canaries are configurable scripts that follow the same routes and perform the same actions as a customer. This enables the outside-in view of your customers’ experiences, and your service’s availability from their point of view. You can run a canary once, or on a regular schedule. Scheduled canaries can run 24 hours a day, as often as once per minute. The canaries check the availability and latency of your endpoints, and can store load time data and screenshots of the UI. The canaries can also be customized to check for availability, latency, transactions, broken or dead links, step by step task completions, page load errors, load latencies for UI assets, complex wizard flows, or checkout flows in your applications.  

To use CloudWatch Synthetics, go to Synthetics in the navigation pane of the CloudWatch console to write your first passing canary in minutes by specifying the URL or API you want to monitor. There are no servers, drivers, or any other dependencies to install or configure.  

To learn more, visit the documentation on Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics. For pricing, please refer the Amazon CloudWatch Pricing page.