Posted On: Jan 21, 2020

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new AWS Game Tech Starter Pack. This digital training curriculum covers key features of Amazon GameLift and Amazon Lumberyard, as well as how AWS analytics solutions, such as Amazon Kinesis and Amazon EMR, can lead to insights to solve real-world problems with games. The curriculum features four courses: Amazon GameLift Primer, Amazon Lumberyard Primer, Data Analytics Fundamentals, and Why Analytics for Games. They feature a combined eight hours of digital video content intended for back-end game developers, operation engineers, architects, designers, producers, artists, data scientists, analysts, and business leaders.

Built by the experts at AWS, these digital courses are designed to help you learn best practices based on real-world scenarios from our customers. Amazon GameLift Primer provides an in-depth look at service features and how you can use them to address challenges with hosting, managing, and scaling a multiplayer game. Amazon Lumberyard Primer explores services features and how to integrate various AWS solutions into games built with Lumberyard. Data Analytics Fundamentals and Why Analytics for Games show you how to use AWS services to build and enhance data analysis solutions, as well as how insights can be used in building or developing games.

AWS Game Tech Starter Pack is available online globally in English at To get started, enroll in the AWS Game Tech Starter Pack curriculum here. Alternatively, enroll in the individual courses here: