Posted On: Feb 19, 2020

Customers can now sign-on to Amazon Redshift cluster with Microsoft Azure Active Directory(AD) identities. This allows customers who use Azure AD to be able to sign-on to Redshift without duplicating these identities in Redshift. 

Built on the industry standard SAML 2.0, Azure AD integration creates a relying party trust between Azure AD and Amazon Redshift to allow Single Sign-On. Azure AD integration is enabled as a configuration for Amazon Redshift JDBC and ODBC drivers. To use this integration with a JDBC driver, the Amazon Redshift JDBC driver must be version or later. To use Azure AD with an ODBC driver, the Amazon Redshift ODBC driver must be version or later.

Azure AD integration with Amazon Redshift is available in all AWS commercial regions. For a complete list of AWS regions that Amazon Redshift is available in, see the AWS Region Table.

For information on how to use Azure AD with Amazon Redshift and to configure the JDBC or ODBC drivers, see the Amazon Redshift documentation.