Posted On: Feb 12, 2020

AWS CloudFormation StackSets announces new automation features to streamline deployments of resources to multiple accounts and regions through AWS Organizations. With this launch, you can use StackSets to centrally manage deployments to the accounts in one or more organizational units (OUs) or all of the accounts in your organization. You will also be able to enable automatic deployments to any new accounts added to your organization or OUs. The permissions needed to deploy across accounts will automatically be taken care of by the StackSets service.  

You can get started by logging into your organization master account to enable trusted access between AWS CloudFormation StackSets and AWS Organizations. Once enabled, you will be able to create stack sets that are able to use these newly released capabilities. This feature is available in all regions in which AWS CloudFormation StackSets is available. For more information, please refer to the documentation.