Posted On: Mar 20, 2020

Amazon CloudWatch now supports up to five times the number of metrics per graph and dashboard than before -- up to 500 metrics per graph (from 100) and 2500 metrics per dashboard (from 500). This allows you to visualize the health and performance of applications that use many individual resources like microservices, containers, or stream-based applications, making it even easier to correlate and identify anomalies at a glance, and reduce time to act.  

CloudWatch dashboards provide operational visibility on the health and performance of your resources for monitoring and troubleshooting. To define a dashboard, you can select individual metrics or search for up to 500 metrics at a time. When combined with CloudWatch metric math, you can sum or sort the metrics and display the top N results on a graph. CloudWatch metric math provides a wide range of functions to aggregate, transform, and summarize metrics that can then be visualized on your dashboard.  

To learn more about using CloudWatch dashboards, visit the documentation. To learn how to use CloudWatch metric math, visit the documentation.