Posted On: Mar 18, 2020

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) now supports updating Placement Strategy and Constraints for existing ECS services (in Preview). ECS customers can now update the placement strategies and constraints for their ECS services without having to recreate a service with the desired changes. This flexibility and control in managing the placement of service tasks helps customers save cost and reduce potential service downtime. 

Customers use task placement strategy and constraints as a tool to manage the cost, resource utilization and availability of their application by defining the task’s placement logic. Previously, a change to the task placement parameters required the user to recreate the service. Now, customers can use the UpdateService API to change the placement logic for an existing service by updating the service with the desired placement strategy and constraints. ECS will enforce these changes at the time of the next service deployment. This enables customers to iterate on their task placement logic to get more out of their ECS clusters and reduce the DevOps effort required. 

ECS Support for Updating Placement Strategies and Constraints is now available across all AWS Regions with ECS. To get started, please see the ECS documentation and API reference Documentation