Posted On: Mar 3, 2020

Amazon FSx for Lustre CSI Driver version 0.3 is now available for use by Kubernetes clusters running on AWS. 

Version 0.3 of the open source Amazon FSx for Lustre CSI Driver adds support for the new generation FSx for Lustre file system deployment options. The CSI driver makes it simple to configure and use FSx for Lustre high performance file systems with containers on Amazon EKS and self-managed Kubernetes clusters running on AWS.  

Previously, Amazon FSx for Lustre provided a scratch file system ideal for temporary storage and shorter-term processing of data. Now, Amazon FSx for Lustre is expanding beyond short-term processing by launching persistent file systems, designed for longer-term storage and workloads, where data is replicated and file servers are replaced if they fail. 

In addition to this new deployment option, Amazon FSx for Lustre is also launching a second-generation scratch file system that is designed to provide better support for spiky workloads, with the ability to provide burst throughput up to 6x higher than the baseline. 

All three file system deployment options are supported in the latest version of the Amazon FSx for Lustre CSI Driver. Additionally, the CSI driver now supports using the AWS Key Management Service to encrypt FSx for Lustre file systems.  

To learn more, see the Amazon FSx for Lustre CSI Driver release notes on GitHub. You can upgrade existing clusters to use version 0.3 by following the instructions in the Amazon EKS documentation. To learn more about about the new FSx for Lustre file system types, check out the AWS News Blog.