Posted On: Mar 24, 2020

We’ve updated our instructor-led classroom course DevOps Engineering on AWS to incorporate the latest thinking, best practices, and concepts on DevOps. Available virtually or in person, this three-day course teaches you how to use DevOps to improve your organization’s ability to develop, deliver, and maintain applications and services at high velocity on AWS. This course is taught by expert AWS instructors using a mix of presentations, discussion, and hands-on labs.

The labs within the course have also been updated to provide you with more hands-on experience building and deploying CloudFormation templates. The labs also cover CI/CD pipelines that build and deploy applications on EC2, serverless applications, and container-based applications. Hands-on labs for multi-pipeline workflows and pipelines that deploy to multiple environments are also included.

You will learn important concepts related to continuous integration, continuous delivery, microservices, infrastructure as code, monitoring and logging, and communication and collaboration. Recommended for developers, engineers, architects, and system administrators, this course provides the tools and knowledge to build and deliver applications faster, more securely, with higher quality, and at less cost. It’s also recommended for learners preparing for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional certification.