AWS Cost Explorer Rightsizing Recommendations Integrates with AWS Compute Optimizer

Posted on: Apr 21, 2020

We are excited to announce that customers can now receive EC2 rightsizing recommendations powered by the AWS Compute Optimizer in AWS Cost Explorer. With today’s launch, Cost Explorer customers can get Amazon EC2 rightsizing recommendations across EC2 instance families, in addition to existing support for recommendations within the same EC2 instance family. The same launch also makes cost information for M, C, R, T and X instance types available in AWS Compute Optimizer.

Cost Explorer previously provided customers with EC2 instance rightsizing recommendations within the same instance family based on maximum CPU and memory utilization history over the past 14 days. Through the Cost Explorer console and its API, customers can now get a subset of recommendations generated by Compute Optimizer’s machine learning-powered engine, specifically those that offer cost saving opportunities. Customers can now choose to see rightsizing recommendations for instances not only within the same EC2 instance family, but also across instance families.

Previously, Compute Optimizer displayed the difference in public pricing between current instance type and recommended instance type options. Now, Compute Optimizer users can get estimated cost savings, inclusive of their Reserved Instances and Savings Plans discounts, as well as instance hours covered by Reserved Instances or Savings Plans, generated by Cost Explorer.

To learn more about how to view and leverage rightsizing recommendations to save money, visit the Cost Explorer Rightsizing Recommendations User Guide. To learn more about Compute Optimizer, click here.