Posted On: Apr 7, 2020

We are pleased to launch a new website with curated tutorials for AWS DeepLens. In addition to our existing tutorials (Worker Safety and Coffee Counter), we added a new tutorial (Trash Sorter) that walks you through how to train a custom image classification model on your own data and deploy it to DeepLens. We will continue adding tutorials to show you how to use a variety of computer vision and machine learning (ML) techniques to level up your ML skills with DeepLens.

With the latest device software (v1.4.5) released on 3/30, AWS DeepLens now supports Python 3 as well as MxNet 1.6.0, AWS IoT GreenGrass 1.10.1, and Amazon Kinesis Video Streams 2.10. You can find the software update for your DeepLens in the AWS DeepLens console. All of your existing projects will continue to work with DeepLens. For new Python 3 projects we recommend using the latest GreenGrass Python SDK (1.5.0) when creating your AWS Lambda inference function. Visit the AWS DeepLens documentation to see how.