Posted On: Apr 7, 2020

Amazon Chime proxy phone sessions let you provide two users with a shared phone number to communicate via voice or text for up to 12 hours without revealing personal phone numbers. When users call or message the provided phone number, they are connected to the other party and their private phone numbers are replaced with the shared number in Caller ID. Personal phone numbers are not displayed, a method often called number masking. With proxy phone sessions, a food delivery service can allow a delivery driver and customer to contact each other for the duration of the delivery period to get information like a gate code or other special instructions. Proxy phone sessions help protect user privacy and keep transactions on your service. Numbers are available on-demand, so developers don't have to calculate how many numbers they will need for different locations, or pay for extra numbers they do not use. 

To get started, use the Amazon Chime API to create a Voice Connector, configuring it for proxy number sessions, and start creating new sessions. Once a session is created, users can begin contacting each other via phone call or text. 

Proxy phone sessions are available in the US-East (N. Virginia) region and US-West (Oregon) regions. To get started with proxy number sessions, read our guide.