Posted On: May 7, 2020

Today, Amazon CloudWatch is introducing Saved Queries, a new feature that makes it easier for CloudWatch Logs Insights users to save queries. They can organize these queries in folders and easily run them again for different purposes by team, application, or runbook.

CloudWatch Logs Insights is an interactive log analytics capability for CloudWatch Logs. Over time, Logs Insights users typically build a library of queries that they use for recurring tasks. Now, they can easily save queries and run them again in just a few steps. For example, developers can re-run their most frequently used queries for debugging to locate issues in their applications more efficiently. DevOps engineers can create runbook folders to save and run the routine procedures to perform health checks for their applications. Security engineers can save customized queries to analyze logs from services such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and AWS CloudTrail. Team leaders can also standardize queries across multiple teams by programmatically setting them up for team members.

It's easy to get started with this new feature. Just sign in the CloudWatch Logs Insights console, edit your query, and save it. Saved Queries is available in all commercial AWS Regions in the CloudWatch Logs Insights console, API, and SDK. To learn more, see the documentation on saving and re-running CloudWatch Logs Insights queries.