Posted On: May 27, 2020

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) announces the general availability (GA) of Amplify iOS and Amplify Android, which are part of the open source Amplify Framework. Amplify iOS and Amplify Android include libraries and tools (CLI toolchain and IDE helpers) that enable mobile developers to build scalable and secure cloud-powered applications. You can use the libraries with backends created using the Amplify CLI or with existing AWS backends. It is our recommended way to build native mobile applications powered by AWS services.

Compared to the previous AWS Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android, the Amplify iOS and Android libraries are organized by use case and provide declarative programming interfaces that enable mobile developers to easily add capabilities such as Authentication, Analytics, Predictions (for common AI/ML use cases), API (GraphQL and REST), DataStore (for offline and real-time data), and Storage to their mobile applications in few lines of code. Support for escape hatches in the Amplify libraries further allows you to use low level SDK interfaces for additional use cases. Today’s GA release of Amplify iOS and Android adds new Authentication, Predictions, and DataStore programming interfaces that were unavailable in the Preview.

For more details on how to use Amplify iOS and Amplify Android, refer to our blog post and documentation.