Posted On: May 28, 2020

AWS CodePipeline’s supported action types now include AWS Step Functions, making it easier for customers to invoke complex workflows as part of their release process. With the new action type, CodePipeline Stages can now trigger Step Functions state machines which support conditional branching, error-handling, asynchronous tasks, and easily invoke other AWS services through service-integrations.

Using CodePipeline, you can automate your release process for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates based on the release model you define. The Step Functions service coordinates multiple AWS services into serverless workflows so you can quickly build and update automated processes. With CodePipeline’s integration with Step Functions, you can maintain a simple release pipeline and delegate the behavior of complex workflows to a Step Functions state machine engine. With Step Function’s console, you can browse execution logs and rich visualizations to support troubleshooting. You can get started by editing your pipeline in the CodePipeline console and adding a Step Functions action.

To learn more about CodePipeline’s support for Step Functions, visit our documentation. To learn more about CodePipeline, visit the product page or the CodePipeline console.