Posted On: May 8, 2020

AWS Service Catalog administrators can now create service actions that use AWS Systems Manager Automation documents with more than one parameter. With this new feature, Service Catalog end users can now execute more complex operational tasks, such as creating a backup or filing a ticket based on content they provided.  

With service actions, administrators can enable end users to securely perform operational tasks on their own, troubleshoot issues, run approved commands, or request permissions in Service Catalog. With parameter support, administrators can now enable end-users to securely perform a wider range of operational tasks. Administrators define parameters to be collected and used in their Systems Manager Automation document. Administrators then associate the service action to one or more products, so that when an end user provisions the product, the service action is available.  

Parameter support for Service Catalog service actions is available via the AWS API, CLI, and Service Catalog console in all AWS commercial and GovCloud Regions. To learn more, read the documentation on Service Catalog service actions.