Posted On: Jun 24, 2020

AWS CodeCommit now supports emoji reactions to comments on pull requests and commits. With this launch, a developer can quickly react to a comment by clicking on the emoji icon in the comment to see a list of supported emojis. They can then choose an emoji from the list that represents their feedback about the comment. CodeCommit records the selected emoji as a reaction to that comment. The list of supported emojis includes popular reactions such as thumbs-up and thumbs-down, smiley face, heart, and ship-it.

Developers use comments to give feedback on code changes to their team members. A reaction to comments not only helps developers submit quick feedback, but also gives the comment author a concise visual summary of team’s reactions. For example, a developer can very easily see how many fellow developers agree with their comment by reacting to it with a thumbs-up.

To learn more about comment reactions in AWS CodeCommit please refer to the documentation. To learn more about using AWS CodeCommit, see our user guide or visit AWS CodeCommit in the AWS Management Console.  

For a full list of AWS Regions where AWS CodeCommit is available, see the AWS CodeCommit documentation.