Posted On: Jul 22, 2020

Amazon AppFlow, a fully managed integration service that enables customers securely transfer data between AWS services and cloud applications, now supports private data transfers between AWS and Salesforce leveraging AWS PrivateLink. Customers can use AppFlow’s private data transfer option to ensure that data does not get exposed to the public internet during transfers between AWS and Salesforce, improving security and minimizing risks of Internet based attack vectors. AppFlow makes it easy for customers to configure private data transfers with Salesforce in just a few clicks. It automatically sets up PrivateLink endpoints and manages the lifecycle of these endpoints without requiring customers to set up or monitor any network infrastructure.

To get started, choose “Create New Connection with AWS PrivateLink” when selecting Salesforce as the source or destination in your AppFlow flow. AppFlow will then automatically connect to Salesforce Private Connect to route your data traffic over the AWS private network. This feature is currently available in US-East-1 and US-West-2 (we will expand to other AWS regions as Salesforce Private Connect becomes available in those regions).