Posted On: Jul 9, 2020

Today, we are announcing that customers can create snapshots of their block storage data, including on-premises data using Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) direct APIs. With a set of API calls, customers can use snapshots to store data in AWS, regardless of where it resides. This enables customers to achieve business continuity in AWS at lower cost.  

Previously, customers did not have the ability to keep their on-premises data in a format like EBS snapshots that can be quickly and easily recovered into Amazon EBS volumes for use cases like disaster recovery.

Now, customers can use EBS snapshots to store their on-premises data and use the existing Fast Snapshot Restore feature to quickly recover their data into EBS volumes. With the previously announced read capability for snapshots, customers can also validate snapshot data and enable fail back. 

Complete regional availability for the feature can be found here. To learn more about the feature, see the technical documentation and pricing pages on EBS direct APIs for Snapshots.