Posted On: Jul 9, 2020

You can now use AWS Organizations to manage the use of your content by some AWS machine learning services. Certain services (Amazon CodeGuru Profiler, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Textract, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Translate) may use content to improve the service. Previously, you could opt out of this use by contacting AWS Support. This new feature allows you to configure an organizational policy to opt out, without the need to contact AWS Support, and to have your configuration applied to all accounts within an organization. 

You can choose to opt out of content use for a specific service as listed above, or for all of these at once. In addition, you can query the effective policy on each account to verify its status. Other machine learning services like Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Kendra, Amazon Personalize, Amazon Forecast, Amazon Comprehend Medical and Amazon Transcribe Medical do not use customer content to improve the services and an opt out does not apply. 

Refer to the documentation to create AI services opt-out policies, including examples, and attach them to your organization using the AWS Organizations console or AWS SDK. To learn more about how these services may use content, please refer to the Data Privacy FAQ of the relevant service.  

AWS Organizations helps you govern your environment as you grow and scale your workloads on AWS. Using AWS Organizations, you can automate account creation, create groups of accounts to reflect your business needs, and apply policies for these groups for governance. You can also simplify billing by setting up a single payment method for all of your AWS accounts.