Amazon Chime application and Amazon Chime SDK now support meetings in additional AWS Regions

Posted on: Aug 14, 2020

Customers can now connect to meetings from the Amazon Chime app or Amazon Chime SDK in Africa (Cape Town) and Europe (Milan) AWS Regions. Additionally, Amazon Chime SDK customers can connect to meetings in Asia Pacific (Mumbai) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Regions. 

Amazon Chime is a communications service that lets you meet, chat, and place business calls inside and outside your organization. Customers can download and use the Amazon Chime application, or use the Amazon Chime SDK to add multi-party VoIP audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities to their applications. 

With the addition of meeting support for AWS regions in Africa (Cape Town) and Europe (Milan), customers using the Amazon Chime application can now connect to meetings in 16 regions, across 46 availability zones. Amazon Chime account administrators can choose the regions for their organization’s meetings by opting in or out of each AWS Region supported by Amazon Chime, or allowing Amazon Chime to use all available regions. If administrators have already allowed Amazon Chime to use all available regions, Amazon Chime will start using Cape Town and Milan automatically. If administrators have already chosen specific regions for their meetings, Cape Town and Milan are now unselected options in the Amazon Chime console. Amazon Chime selects each meeting’s region to provide low latency for all participants based on their proximity to AWS Regions and AWS network telemetry. Administrators which have never selected their meeting regions, should do so in the Amazon Chime console, otherwise all meetings will be in the United States (Northern Virginia) AWS Region. 

Customers using the Amazon Chime SDK can create meetings in all of the regions where the Amazon Chime application creates meetings, and now also Asia Pacific (Mumbai) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Regions, bringing the count of supported meeting regions for the Amazon Chime SDK to 18, across 52 availability zones. Applications using nearest-media-region to select the meeting region will start using all four new regions automatically.

To learn how to select meeting regions in the Chime Console, visit the Amazon Chime Administrators Guide. To learn more about meeting regions for the Amazon Chime SDK, visit the Amazon Chime SDK Developers Guide.