AWS Copilot CLI launches v0.3 focused on operations and configuration

Posted on: Aug 14, 2020

Today, AWS Copilot CLI for Amazon Elastic Container Service launched version 0.3.0. Starting with this release, you can configure details about an AWS Copilot environment such as a pre-existing VPC, subnets, and CIDR ranges, allowing you to use infrastructure created outside of AWS Copilot. Additionally, you can now configure how AWS Copilot builds your services with overrides, such as arguments to use in a Dockerfile and the ability to set a context for a Dockerfile. Finally, you can now run one-time tasks or batch jobs with the new task run command; this is useful for containers that do not always need to be running or restarted such as running a script or querying a database.

To get started, see the following resources:

  • Read the full release notes for v0.3.0 here.
  • AWS Copilot can deploy applications to AWS Fargate supported regions and is available for download on Mac and Linux here.
  • Connect with us and learn more about the project on our open source GitHub repository.
  • Read about AWS Copilot on the AWS Containers blog.
  • See tutorials with AWS Copilot in our documentation.