Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics now supports enhanced monitoring for Broken Link and GUI Workflow Blueprints

Posted on: Sep 11, 2020

AWS CloudWatch Synthetics makes it easy to proactively monitor critical graphical user interface (GUI) workflows and broken or ‘dead’ links in your web application. Starting today, you can individually debug each step of the GUI workflow and hone in on a specific broken or ‘dead’ link when you are alerted that something does not behave as expected. Screenshots and latencies for each step of the workflow helps identify if the failure was because of issues related to the web application or its underlying infrastructure.

Broken password reset links, or misconfigured buttons preventing customers from taking an action often go unnoticed unless reported by end customers. With CloudWatch Synthetics, you can continuously verify your customer experience even when there is no customer traffic on your web applications. This lets you discover issues before your customers do and react quickly to fix them. 

CloudWatch Synthetics is available in twenty four AWS Regions, including China and AWS GovCloud AWS Regions. To learn more, see the AWS CloudWatch Synthetics documentation here. For pricing, please refer to the Amazon CloudWatch pricing page.