Amazon WorkDocs supports auto provisioning for all directory users

Posted on: Sep 3, 2020

Starting today, provisioning your WorkDocs site to all of your directory users is made easy. When provisioning your WorkDocs site, all directory users are provided a valid WorkDocs account, enabling each directory user to sign in and begin using full WorkDocs functionality as a Managed User without you having to manually activate each user. A Managed User has 1 TB of personal storage and can save files and collaborate with others on a WorkDocs site.  

Historically, site administrators were required to manually activate each user after provisioning a WorkDocs site, thus preventing bulk deployment for large organizations. With auto-activation, site administrators can provision their WorkDocs site knowing that all directory users can sign and get started with WorkDocs without requiring site administrators to manually activate each user, one by one.  

Auto-activation is available by default for all sites. Simply attach your directory when provisioning your WorkDocs site during the site creation process and auto-activation will automatically occur.  

With auto-activation, all directory users and newly invited users to your site are Managed Users, however, site administrators are able to manage user roles and status via the Admin Control Panel. As site administrators own the roll out WorkDocs to their organization, they can decide how to communicate with users to get them started. While all directory users are Managed Users by default, billing will occur only when the user first logs in.  

This feature is available immediately to all Amazon WorkDocs customers. No user or administrator action is required to activate it. Discover more about WorkDocs, or sign up for a 30-day trial today