Data Lifecycle Manager now supports multiple schedules within in a single lifecycle policy

Posted on: Sep 17, 2020

You can now provide multiple creation and retention schedules for your EBS Snapshots within a single Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) policy. Multiple schedule support enables you to create Daily, Weekly and Monthly snapshots for your target volumes from the same DLM policy, reducing the setup time and making it easier to manage DLM policies. 

Each schedule supports tagging, Fast Snapshot Restore (FSR) and cross region copy individually, providing the flexibility to enable these actions for each schedule independently.  

We launched DLM in July 2018 to enable automation of creation and retention of EBS volume snapshots via policies. Since then, we have made DLM easier to use and supported Disaster Recovery use-cases with capabilities like additional backup intervals support and cross region copy of snapshots. Today, we extend the DLM to support multiple schedules within a single lifecycle policy, making it easier to setup Daily, Weekly and Monthly snapshot creation and retention timelines. 

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