Posted On: Sep 23, 2020

AWS Training and Certification has launched a new course with three programming language options: Building Modern Java Applications on AWS, Building Modern Node.js Applications on AWS, and Building Modern Python Applications on AWS.

In these courses, expert instructors discuss how to build a modern, greenfield serverless backend on AWS. Learners will explore how to build an API-driven application using Amazon API Gateway for serverless API hosting, AWS Lambda for serverless compute, and Amazon Cognito for serverless authentication. You will also get hands-on experience in guided labs as you review different configurations for Lambda and study how to create and manage Lambda functions. You will also learn how to optimize APIs throughout the entire serverless workflow using AWS services in your choice of Java, Node.js, or Python.

These new self-paced digital courses are available exclusively from Coursera and edX. Start with an on-demand digital training course for free or work toward an optional completion certificate for a small course fee.