Posted On: Nov 13, 2020

Today, Amazon Athena announced general availability of a new query engine version, Athena engine version 2. 

Athena engine version 2 includes several performance enhancements and new feature capabilities such as federated queries, schema evolution support, additional geospatial functions, support for reading nested schema to reduce cost, and performance enhancements in JOIN, ORDER BY, and AGGREGATE operations. You can upgrade your entire account or specific workgroups to engine version 2 on the Edit workgroups page of the Athena console.

To learn more about new functionality and enhancements in Athena engine version 2, please see Athena engine version 2.
For information about testing your queries with engine version 2, please see our documentation.

Athena engine version 2 is currently available in the US East (N. Virginia, & Ohio), and US West (Oregon) regions.