Posted On: Nov 9, 2020

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, a fully managed service that provides shared file storage built on Windows Server, today announced that you can now access file systems using any Domain Name System (DNS) name of your choosing. Each Amazon FSx file system has a default DNS name for accessing it. Starting today, you can now also associate alternate DNS names for accessing your file systems.  

Organizations of all sizes are moving their Windows file shares from on premises to Amazon FSx to benefit from the agility, scalability, and flexibility of fully managed Windows file storage in the AWS Cloud. Many of these organizations have existing tools and applications that are written to access data using specific DNS names. Today’s launch makes it even easier to migrate on-premises file storage to Amazon FSx by allowing end users, tools, and applications to continue using the same DNS names in AWS as they do on-premises. 

All newly-created Amazon FSx for Windows File Server file systems now support access from alternate DNS names. Customers with existing file systems will get this support during an upcoming weekly maintenance window. Learn more about this new feature in the FSx documentation