Posted On: Nov 5, 2020

Amazon Redshift JDBC and Python drivers are now open source and available for the user community under the Apache-2.0 license. With this release, customers will gain enhanced visibility to the driver implementation and can contribute to its development. Users can now browse the code for both drivers on the relevant AWS GitHub repositories, submit driver functionality enhancements through Git Pull Requests, and report issues for review.

In addition, we are introducing several enhancements to the Amazon Redshift JDBC and Python drivers. The JDBC driver now supports querying across databases (Preview), improves resultset metadata fetching, optimizes batch INSERT performance through the reWriteBatchedInsertsSize parameter, improves support for client side cursor through the fetchRingBufferSize parameter, and adds support for SocketFactory. The new open source Python driver introduces IAM and IDP support for Single Sign On (SSO), NumPy and Pandas API support, and an extended database metadata API.

The Github repositories are:
Amazon JDBC driver
Amazon Python driver

Please note that the open source Amazon Redshift JDBC driver version has been updated to 2.0.x going forward, while the previous closed-source version will continue to be maintained on the 1.x version branch until further notice.  

We recommend upgrading to the latest driver version to all customers for improved functionality and performance. Please refer to the Amazon JDBC driver 2.0 documentation for installation guidance and to the Amazon Redshift JDBC and Python drivers GitHub repositories for the source code.