Posted On: Nov 13, 2020

Amazon Lightsail now provides you with the ability to run containerized workloads on the cloud with little-to-no prior cloud experience. With this native service, called Lightsail Containers, you can now deploy containerized applications to the cloud using the Docker images directly from your desktop or from the ones in public registries like DockerHub – with just a few clicks, through an easy to use interface. Lightsail takes care of all the infrastructure management complexities and allows you to focus on your application code. Lightsail Containers come with the same predictable pricing as its other offerings with prices starting at $7/month for a Container Service.

You can create a ‘Container Service’ (a compute resource running containers) by simply specifying the power (vCPU, RAM of each node), scale (number of nodes) suitable for your application traffic and providing the container images of your application. Lightsail safely deploys and runs your container images and automatically provides you a load-balanced HTTPS endpoint with a unique domain name that can be used to access the containerized application in the cloud. In the background, Lightsail takes care of the heavy-lifting of setting up the appropriate compute, networking and traffic management. 

At any time, you can seamlessly deploy new versions of the service or scale your service based on traffic demands, with zero down-time. Lightsail automatically ensures that the Container Service maintains the power and scale as specified and the nodes are healthy. Container Services provide you with monitoring and logging features built-in, similar to what is available with other Lightsail resources. We offer a variety of fixed monthly pricing plans for Lightsail Containers that gives you the flexibility to pick the plan that suits your power and scale needs. 

Start building with Amazon Lightsail Containers for free with the included 3-month trial. You can create and manage the Container Services using the console or via the AWS CLI in all the regions supported by Lightsail . To learn more about Lightsail Containers, click here.