Announcing AWS App Mesh Controller for Kubernetes Version 1.2.0

Posted on: Nov 9, 2020

AWS App Mesh Controller for Kubernetes v1.2.0 is now available with support for outlier detection and configurable connections pools for circuit breaking. The AWS App Mesh Controller for Kubernetes provides a way to configure and manage AWS App Mesh using Kubernetes directly. AWS App Mesh is a service mesh that provides application-level networking to standardize how your services communicate, giving you end-to-end visibility and allowing high availability for your applications.

This update includes the ability to configure two new resiliency features for App Mesh directly from Kubernetes–outlier detection and configurable connection pools for circuit breakers. Outlier detection is a form of passive health checking that tracks the health status of individual hosts in your App Mesh service mesh, automatically rejecting endpoints that are unhealthy. Configurable connection pools for circuit breakers allow fine-tuning request concurrency so that high-throughput applications can have effective retry policies. This release also enhances the Jaeger, Prometheus, and Grafana observability integrations, making it even easier to have end-to-end visibility into your applications.

To learn more, see AWS App Mesh Controller for Kubernetes examples on GitHub.

To get started, see the following resources: