Posted On: Nov 24, 2020

AWS now offers Amazon Comprehend Events, which extracts real world events and the associated arguments from text documents. For example, consider a news article that announces that Amazon acquired WholeFoods Market. Comprehend Events will identify the event as an ‘acquisition’ and detect the acquirer (Amazon), acquiree (WholeFoods Market), the deal amount and the date and time of the deal. Customers can use Comprehend Events to understand relationships from natural language text documents between entities such as organizations, people, and dates to build applications such as analytics on financial data and knowledge graphs. 

Using Comprehend Events is simple. The API comes pre-trained for common events such as mergers, bankruptcies, and IPOs. Comprehend Events extracts what happened, which entities were involved, if the same entity and event is mentioned multiple times in the text. The API output is provided in an easy to consume JSON, which can be integrated with downstream applications. 

Amazon Comprehend is a fully-managed NLP service which lets users extract insights from natural language text documents. No ML expertise required. Amazon Comprehend Events is now available in all AWS regions where Amazon Comprehend is available. To try the new feature, log in to the Amazon Comprehend console for a code-free experience, or download the AWS SDK. You can also learn more about this new feature in the documentation.