Introducing Real-Time Live Sports Updates Using AWS AppSync

Posted on: Nov 19, 2020

Real-Time Live Sports Updates Using AWS AppSync is a new AWS Solutions Implementation that helps media and entertainment (M&E) companies deliver sports information to their customers on mobile and web applications in near real-time. Delivering real-time sports updates is a critical workload for many M&E companies. When a fan’s favorite team scores a goal, hits a home run, or makes a touchdown, it is important that this update makes it to fans in as close to real-time as possible. This solution simplifies historically complex and expensive infrastructure and helps support thousands of fans tracking a game or match in a web or mobile application.

The solution creates a deployable reference architecture for delivering real-time data to customers including:

  • Flexibility for multiple data/feed ingestion - Data source can be the M&E company or a third-party provider
  • Live game updates - Event updates (for example, when a goal is scored) display in the mobile or web app
  • Fantasy score updates - Fantasy team members' status and scores are delivered in near real-time during a game
  • Push notifications - Updates are delivered to users when the mobile app is not in the foreground  

While Real-Time Live Sports Updates Using AWS AppSync is specific to sports, the entire architecture can be applied to other systems in M&E industry; for example, live streaming program updates, breaking news, or stock market changes. The solution combines AWS AppSync with AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, and Amazon Pinpoint to deliver a highly scalable architecture to notify users in near real-time. It includes optional services and infrastructure stacks that can be deployed alongside the solution’s core stack to address specific use cases. To learn more about Real-Time Live Sports Updates Using AWS AppSync, refer to the AWS Solutions Implementation webpage.

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