Posted On: Dec 11, 2020

Spot Blueprints is an infrastructure code template generator that makes it easy to start using Spot Instances. It saves time in learning to use Spot and to start leveraging the steep savings and scale that Spot offers for interruptible workloads. You can use Spot Blueprints for the most popular services used with Spot Instances, including Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon EMR, AWS Batch, and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS).

Previously, customers had to switch between service documentation, the AWS Management Console, and blogs to learn how to use Spot. Now, Spot Blueprints gives you a jump start in using Spot by providing a simple-to-follow infrastructure code template generator. Spot Blueprints takes your workload requirements, and outputs an infrastructure as code in AWS CloudFormation or Hashicorp Terraform format. Additionally, Spot Blueprints guides you through each Spot best practice and applies them automatically in the templates.

To get started, go to Spot Blueprints under the EC2 Spot console. You can either download a pre-configured blueprint in AWS CloudFormation or Terraform format, or choose to configure it. When you choose to configure the blueprint, you can walk through a few steps to personalize it based on your workload requirements. For example, you can reuse existing IAM roles and network configurations, and specify application resource criteria in vCPUs and memory. When you finish configuring the blueprint, you can choose to download and customize it further before deploying it into production.

Spot Instances are a great fit to run fault-tolerant applications such as batch processing, Big Data ETLs using Apache Spark, and stateless API endpoints. They are also a great fit for running fault-tolerant applications using container orchestrators like Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, and self-managed Kubernetes.

Spot Blueprints will be updated continuously as new features and new Spot best practices emerge. You can learn more about Spot Blueprints by reading the launch blog post. Get started with Amazon EC2 Spot instances today using Spot Blueprints by accessing the EC2 Spot console. If you don’t find a blueprint that you need, make a request inside Spot Blueprints.