Amazon EKS Console Now Includes Kubernetes Resources to Simplify Cluster Management

Posted on: Dec 1, 2020

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) now allows you to see the Kubernetes API resources and applications running on your Amazon EKS cluster using the AWS Management Console. This makes it easy to visualize and troubleshoot Kubernetes applications using Amazon EKS.

Amazon EKS is a fully managed Kubernetes service for AWS. Until now, the Amazon EKS console only included the AWS infrastructure components for a Kubernetes cluster managed by EKS. You needed to install and run additional, separate tools to view, understand, and troubleshoot Kubernetes resources and applications.

Now, Amazon EKS allows Kubernetes cluster operators to get a common and consistent view into their clusters’ configuration, status, and supporting cloud infrastructure. The updated Amazon EKS console shows key Kubernetes API resources including nodes and workloads such as deployments, daemonsets, and jobs. You can visually navigate how an application is deployed on the cluster, see the status of cluster resources, and quickly link back to AWS cloud resources including Amazon EC2 instances.

Amazon EKS supports seeing Kubernetes resources in the console for every cluster starting today. There is no extra cost, and access is controlled via IAM, so users have the same level of access through the console as their existing RBAC permissions allow through kubectl.

To get started, explore your clusters in the EKS console. To learn more, read our blog or visit the AWS documentation.