Posted On: Dec 1, 2020

Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public (Amazon ECR Public) is a fully managed registry that makes it easy for a developer to publicly share container software worldwide for anyone to download. Anyone (with or without an AWS account) can use Amazon ECR Public to pull container software for use. Amazon ECR Public Gallery is a website that allows anyone to browse and search for public container images, view developer-provided details, and see pull commands. Developers no longer need to use different private and public registries when building and sharing their public container artifacts. And everyone, including anonymous users and logged-in AWS customers, can now pull artifacts from a highly available public registry using a single, global registry URL when building and running their applications. 

Many developers already manage container images privately within their organization using Amazon ECR's private repositories. Amazon ECR hosts images in a highly available and scalable architecture enabling developers to reliably deploy containers for their own applications. And AWS Partners use the AWS Marketplace for Containers to make container software available for use by AWS customers. However, when looking to share images publicly for anyone to find and download—whether for free or licensed use—they must upload to public websites and registries that do not offer availability commitments and acceptable usage limits. To work around this, developers duplicate and manage public images locally, which makes it difficult to stay in sync with new versions of the image and adds operational complexity. Furthermore, AWS customers who run containers from public images in multiple regions, for example, to log events or manage network policies, face additional difficulties to get acceptable startup times unless they replicate public image copies to each region. 

Amazon ECR Public brings the scale and performance of Amazon ECR to public container images, and related files such as helm charts and other OCI artifacts. Publishing is as easy as a single docker push command from CICD workflows. Images are geo-replicated for reliable availability around the world. Developers can simplify their application build and deploy processes by using public images directly from ECR Public as opposed to creating and managing local copies. Pulling is simple and fast, using the global registry URL which uses Amazon CloudFront to cache image content for faster downloads from anywhere in the world. ECR Public comes with a generous free use tier, offering 50 GB of free storage each month when sharing public images. Anyone who pulls images anonymously gets 500 GB of free data bandwidth each month after which they can sign up for or sign in to an AWS account. Simply authenticating with an AWS account increases free data bandwidth to 5 TB each month when pulling images from the internet. And finally, workloads running in AWS will get unlimited data bandwidth from any region when pulling from ECR Public. 

Amazon ECR Public and Amazon ECR Public Gallery are both available today. Sign up or use your existing AWS account to publish your first ECR Public image using the AWS Management Console. Search and browse Public Gallery software, including images from verified accounts. To learn more, read the AWS News blog post, user guide, and the new ecr-public API reference guide.