Posted On: Dec 23, 2020

Today, we are announcing the general availability of AWS Wavelength on SK Telecom (SKT)’s 5G network, allowing developers to build ultra-low latency applications for mobile devices and users throughout South Korea.  

Wavelength embeds AWS compute and storage services at the edge of communications service providers’ 5G networks while providing seamless access to cloud services running in an AWS Region. By doing so, AWS Wavelength minimizes the latency and network hops required to connect from a 5G device to an application hosted on AWS. With AWS Wavelength and SKT 5G, application developers can now build the ultra-low latency applications needed for use cases like smart factories, interactive live streaming, autonomous vehicles, connected hospitals, and augmented and virtual reality-enhanced experiences.  

Initial customers for AWS Wavelength in South Korea include Ubitus, DeepFine, Gooroomee, Woowa Brothers, and Looxid Labs. Ubitus uses GPU-based instances on AWS Wavelength to render and stream game titles to end-users with ultra-low latency, enabling real-time interaction and a continuous game experience. DeepFine uses 5G connected AR glasses for more efficient, accurate maintenance of public assets, such as roads, cell towers, fire hydrants, and water reservoirs, and overall public safety. Gooroomee uses the low-latency benefits of SKT’s 5G network and Wavelength to provide video conferencing services that can be used to collaborate on creation of live events like plays and other performing arts, remotely. Woowa Brothers uses SKT’s 5G network and Wavelength for their popular Baedal Minjok service, which is the first public use of food delivery robots in South Korea. Looxid Labs uses 5G and AWS Wavelength for their biometric-based user analytic system to gather data and assess cognitive function in the elderly. Patient bio-signals are transmitted over SKT’s 5G network and leverages AWS Wavelength to process, store, and analyze the data within a secure telecom infrastructure.